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Pillar driveway lighting

When it comes to maintaining the aesthetics of a driveway in Tualatin, Oregon, well-paved concrete or asphalt can only do so much. If you can invest a little more to improve the outdoor look of your home or office building, driveway lighting  can be very easy to do and make all the difference when it comes to a beautiful look and nice curb appeal. If you have been looking for lighting ideas for your driveway, here are a few recommendations we’d like you to consider.


Seven Lighting Ideas to Make Your Driveway Look Modern


  1. Guiding Lights


The guiding lights give your driveway a runway look as the lights are directly installed into the driveway surface. The illumination on either edge of the driveway makes it look like you have put lighting to provide direction to the vehicle entering in. It’s quite functional as it doesn’t take any space on the driveway itself. However, make sure the lights are placed by professionals so that the asphalt or concrete doesn’t get damaged.


  1. In-Ground Lights


The ground lights are apt if you are looking for a more intimate setting for your driveway in Tualatin, Oregon. These automatically elevate the driveway lighting especially if you get the placement right. We highly recommend putting them underneath trees. You can even install them next to the driveway. The improved look with the accent lighting will definitely make your driveway stand out.


  1. Lantern Designed Path Lights


Do you want to go with the lantern look? Well, you can do that by installing lights that very much become a part of your landscaping. The lantern lights are known for blending in with the landscape given how they light up the place. These will emit a soft glow, illuminating the entire driveway and making it more appealing. Another way you can use lantern-styled lights is by installing outdoor light posts. Just install a few posts and give the contemporary edge your driveway deserves.


  1. Bollard Lights


The best way to give your driveway and even the entire outdoor of your house a contemporary look is by installing bollard lights. Now, these lights can be used in many ways. You can use them to give the driveway a more bold look which is easily achieved using geometric patterns throughout the driveway. Another way you can use them is by pairing them. Using these lights in pairs on the walls of the garage and outdoor will give your driveway a safer overall feel since it will more visible from every corner.


  1. LED Lighting


Oh, we love LEDs! They are energy efficient and have superb illumination. Most importantly, they last longer than any traditional lighting fixture. Now, if you are looking for a powerful illumination on your driveway, don’t let anyone recommend you anything other than LED. The illumination can be well directed using different elements too!


  1. Path Lighting


Another great application of LEDs for your driveway is path lighting. These are designed for improving navigation on the driveway and even the walkways. The way this works is simple. The lights are installed on both sides of the path offering moderately bright illumination. The best thing about them is that they can be paired with solar power. Just hook them up with rechargeable solar batteries and you are good to go.


  1. Floodlights


If you want to keep your driveway extremely practical and still not lose anything on the aesthetics, go for floodlights. These are known for superb illumination for proper navigation. They are powerful and can even illuminate the darkest parts of your driveway. However, we highly recommend you use the ones that are solar-powered. Couple them with motion detection too if you want the driveway to look uber cool.


Upgrade Your Driveway Lighting Today!


Did you like these lighting ideas for your driveway in Tualatin, Oregon? We like them all. But, you know what we like the most? A well installed driveway lighting. Customers come to us for repairs telling us how the lighting they installed is now making the asphalt or concrete crack. Always hire professionals to install lighting for your driveway. Connect with us to know more!