Be it commercial or residential, properties look good when their driveways look well-finished or resurfaced. Most property owners we have worked with prefer to have asphalt on their driveways since it has got benefits like durability, low maintenance, great finish, and also flexibility. But like most good things in life, it also gets worn out and needs repairs. Resurfacing the driveway, therefore, becomes essential. In this post, we try to explain the different reasons why you should resurface your asphalt driveway and when should you give the project a green light.

Wondering why you should resurface your asphalt driveway? Check out these top reasons to make sure you know you spend your money wisely.


  1. Maintain a safe driveway


Puddles are great fun until they lead to injuries. Asphalt driveways form depressions and cracks and if left unattended, they can cause injuries to people using the driveway and even cause damage to vehicles moving on it.


  1. A good resurface can prolong your driveway’s life


Most asphalt driveways projects we take over have an average life of thirty years. We expect them to last long since we use the best material, machines, and workmanship. In case your driveway’s condition begins to deteriorate, resurfacing will extend its working life.


  1. Over sealing ruins a driveway


Never over seal your driveway. Sealing is the process where the protective topcoat is reapplied to cover the shallow cracks. Over sealing does not repair anything. So, sealing over and over again will eventually intensify the cracks, making them harder to repair.


  1. Cost-effective and quick


Looking for a solution that will not only save time but your bank balance? You should go for resurfacing. If done at the right time, resurfacing will take good care of your driveway and prevent any major deterioration on the surface.


  1. When you resurface, it makes your property look good


Last but very important – consider your driveway as an embellishment to the overall look of your property. The aesthetics are so important these days! Resurfacing will rejuvenate your asphalt driveway and give your property a fresh look for sure.


When Should You Resurface Your Driveway?


Asphalt driveway generally develops shallow cracks with time and constant patching might not be a suitable solution. Resurfacing the driveway is the only solution that will help you replace the top layer of asphalt and prolong its life for another ten to fifteen years.


So, when exactly should you consider resurfacing your asphalt driveway? There are quick checks you can do yourself before you hire a driveway paving company. First of all, check if the foundation of the driveway is strong enough to go through the resurfacing process. The asphalt on your driveway should be less than twenty years old. Most asphalt driveways, when built properly, can last fifteen to twenty years.


Next, check the size of the cracks made on the asphalt driveway. The cracks should be smaller than a quarter-inch in width and less than two inches in depth. Most importantly, make sure that you don’t need to repair the entire asphalt driveway. Resurfacing is highly recommended if less than thirty percent of the driveway requires serious repairs.


Final Thoughts


There you have it. We believe having the right information about driveway resurfacing is one thing and applying the information is another. Your asphalt driveway is going to look better if you hire the right driveway paving company. Are you looking to get the best bang for your buck without compromising the overall quality of your driveway? Connect with us today!