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If you are here, you may be asking yourself, “paving science?” We also assume that you have chosen your driveway to be built using concrete which is a superb decision. Concrete requires less maintenance and your driveway might last easily up to 30 years. But, we are not here to discuss why you should get a concrete driveway. We want to find the right mix for the concrete you are using to build one. In this post, we will know why having the right mix is important for your concrete driveway and what you need to consider to achieve the best results. Let’s get started!


Factors that affect the concrete mix for your driveway


  1. Grade designation


The concrete’s strength is highly dependent on the concrete grade you choose for the driveway. To know the right grade designation for your driveway in Tualatin, Oregon, connect with us. We’ll share the exact information you need for your specific needs.


  1. Choice of cement


It’s important to choose the right cement brand for your project. Although you would want to choose the cement made for your specific usage, you should not go for low-quality cement brands. For a driveway, you are looking for cement that has a compressive strength of at least 4000 psi.


  1. Aggregate size


The aggregate used in the mix depends on the kind of properties you want your driveway to have. Most contractors will check the aggregates for quality before use.


  1. Type of water


The water you are going to use for your driveway in Tualatin, Oregon should be tested before use. This is to know if the water being used is within the range of water required for the mix.


  1. Water to cement ratio


The water-to-cement ratio should be below 0.50. The ratio should be tested for consistency, workability, slump, compacting factor, cement strength, and initial and final setting.


Things we consider while making a mix for your driveway in Tualatin, Oregon


Here are the things you need to consider to have the correct concrete driveway mix.


  1. Get a high-performance concrete mix


You want to have a concrete driveway that requires less maintenance and can last for at least 30 years. A high-performance concrete mix will help you achieve that. Yes, it may cost a bit more than a regular concrete mix for every square foot. But, it will save your bank balance from heavy repairing expenses. Always go for a concrete mix that is durable and has a high tolerance for extreme weather conditions.


  1. Maintain the right water-cement ratio


Excess water in your concrete mix is not going to do any good. The more dilute your water-cement ratio is, the weaker the results will be. What you are looking for is a perfect water-cement ratio that can provide maximum workability and ensure long-term strength at the same time. How to get rid of any excess water in your mix? Just make your contractor use fly ash and water-reducing admixtures instead of adding water to the mix at the project site. The admixture will reduce the quantity of water required by up to 10 percent!


  1. Ensure slump size for better result


The slump or the stiffness of the mix should be precisely 4 to 5 inches. Slump is nothing but a measure of concrete consistency and fluidity. It denotes the overall flow and workability of a fresh mix. The higher the slump, the wetter the mix. You don’t want a high slump since it will lead to a weaker concrete driveway.


Choose Best Concrete Mix – Tualatin, Oregon!


Getting the right concrete mix for your upcoming driveway should be your number one priority. But you will hit your driveway goals only when you hire the right people to get it paved for you. And we don’t just share information on how to get a perfect concrete driveway, we help make them too! Connect with us to know more!