Regular asphalt or pavement repair is essential if you are looking to prolong your pavement’s longevity. You might have invested heavily in developing a high-quality pavement, but if you don’t invest in regular repairs, you will end up digging deep holes in your pocket.


More importantly, you need to understand when exactly you need professional repair. Therefore, we have created a list of the top five reasons why you might need to repair your asphalt pavement. Let’s discuss them in detail.


  1. Damage Due to Sunlight Exposure


Exposure to sunlight over time can reduce the tension within the asphalt or paving. This is mostly because sunlight has a lot of thermal energy, a part of which gets absorbed in the asphalt. The low threshold for reflection makes the asphalt store a lot of that thermal energy, which eventually leads to major deterioration in the future.


However, the reduction in quality is not visible to the naked eye. It’s only when water seeps into the surface and starts killing the inner bonds that we can detect the asphalt cracks opening up. Let’s find out how water and oxidation contribute to the damage.


  1. Damage Due to Water and Oxidation


You have got to have a strong and reliable water drainage system so that no water sits on the asphalt. The prolonged exposure to water, as we mentioned before, reduces tension between asphalt cement. Debonding occurs which makes the road start losing gravel.


The UV rays from the sun make the situation worse because now the atmospheric oxygen subjects the surface to oxidation. In other words, a chemical transformation occurs that breaks the binding agents in the pavement. Not just that, you will also notice a change in the color of the asphalt. The oxidation causes the color to turn from fresh black to gray.


  1. Damage Due to Oil Spills


Oil spills are a common occurrence wherever people park their vehicles. Parked vehicles drip oil which then seeps into the asphalt. The durability of the asphalt is significantly reduced due to oil spills since the binding agents that hold the aggregate and sand together get broken.


Treating for oil spills is necessary because the slow reaction can go onto uproot the entire foundation of the pavement. We highly recommend hiring a professional paving contractor to take charge of the deterioration.


  1. Damage Due to Heavy Loads


If you are located at a place where trucks and other heavy loading vehicles drive through, your pavement asphalt will deteriorate quickly. We are talking about weight that can go up to thousands of pounds.


The above-mentioned agents are already killing the layer of asphalt and putting extra weight on the surface will only make the road lose its quality quickly. Check for any irregularities on the surface and get them fixed if you find any.


  1. Damage Due to Tree Roots


Trees do make your location look good. But they can cause major harm to your asphalt pavement. This is because the roots can stick to the asphalt and start creating cracks in them to grow deeper.


The deeper the roots try to reach, the bigger will be the cracks. The ‘road heaves’ are known to do some heavy damage to the asphalt. So, don’t take much time to find out the problem and nip it in the bud.


Final Thoughts on Asphalt Repair


There you have it. We have shared some of the most common reasons you should be repairing your pavement. Although you have the list in your hand, we highly recommend contacting a professional paving contractor to better judge the condition of the pavement. Looking for help? Connect with us today.