Looking for a paving contractor but don’t know what questions you need to ask to confirm one? Well, as a professional paving contractor, we understand how difficult the process can be. However, if you have just the right set questions, you will eventually round-up with the best paving contractor in your city.


In this post, we present a list of top ten questions you should never miss out on asking your paving contractor. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the content!


Top Questions You Need to Ask When Hiring a Paving Contractor


  1. How long have they been running their firm?


You are looking for their experience in the field. Finding out how long they have been serving customers gives you a great position to further ask how many successful customers they’ve had.


  1. How big is their team?


Ask about their team size. Paving is not a one-man job. If the contractor only has a few field workers, they are not getting much business. Not just you want to get your pavement done with the highest possible quality, you want it done quickly. 


  1. What elements are required for successful project completion?


Have an in-depth discussion of what things are involved in the paving process. What tools and resources do they require to get the job done efficiently? What part of the process do they prioritize and how you can help them work productively? You are looking to cancel out on items and processes you don’t need so that everything falls in your budget.


  1. What is the required scope of work?


Ask the contractor to clearly state the scope of work. Have clarity over what and what not is included in the project. Most importantly, you are looking for the scope of work to match your requirements.


  1. What might be the unique challenges of your project?


You want to know about the unique challenges your project involves. This is important because contractors might bump up their fees citing any unique challenges. This will also help you know how much time the project will take.


  1. Do they charge additional or ‘hidden’ fees?


Don’t skip this question out of hesitation. Ask the contractors about the hidden charges. This is important since you don’t want to end up with charges you did not approve of.


  1. Have they undertaken any similar projects nearby?


Asking this question allows you to know how well the contractors understand your project. If the contractors have worked on similar projects, they’d give you a precise estimate of the project.


  1. Can you check with their references?


Once you have asked for similar projects, go ahead and ask if you can connect with their customers. Connect with the customers to find out whether the contractor matched their expectations. You might even find the customers on the contractors’ official website.


  1. Are they accredited with the Better Business Bureau?


Are the paving contractors licensed? Most importantly, you want to hire a paving contractor that is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. It can help you make the contractor accountable and also check on the history complaints filed against the firm.


  1. What surface is better for the project – asphalt or concrete?


Find out the rationale behind what the contractors recommend. This stands for bigger decisions like choosing between different paving materials and other smaller questions.


Over to You


You are looking for honest answers to these questions. If you don’t get satisfactory answers, or you get a feeling that the contractor is hiding information, skip to the next contractor. You don’t want to end up with a contractor that does an awful botched up job. Never hesitate to ask the right questions and never settle for less than what you deserve! If you have more more questions, please call us Jade Smith Paving today!